All of the pictures in this gallery were collected by my gran, and fortunately she wrote on the back of each picture the name of, and her relationship to, the person in the photograph. Without my gran's archive of her ancestors, this gallery would not have been possible.

She told me her grandmother (my great great grandmother) was very strict, they lived in Wales, and she had a pet donkey as a child.

I recall meeting her mother (my great grandmother) in 1951 when she was 95. She lived with my gran's sister, Lil, and her husband in a small old country cottage in Kent. My gran and Lil kept calling her "mother", which of course she was to them, and so I never did find out her first name. Her surname was Davies.

She said to me: "I remember you as a very small boy before the war." But, as my brain wasn't switched on at that time, I don't remember anything that happened before the age of seven.

Pietro Clama was my gran's father-in-law (my great grandfather) who lived in northern Italy.