Ruby (also called Bubbles, and sometimes called Grey) was a Neopolitan Mastiff, and her late friends were Butch (a Bullmastiff), Fred (a Shitzoo), Bonnie (a Chiwawa), Baby (a Havana cat), Purry and Blackie (two Persian cats), Sarah (another Bullmastiff), and her special friend, Winge (sometimes called Yellow) was an English Mastiff, also Olive another English Mastiff, and Jessie (named after my gran) another Bullmastiff.

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Ruby (Neopolitan Mastiff)

Winge (English Mastiff)

Butch (Bullmastiff)

Baby (Havana cat)

Fred (Shitzoo)

Sarah (Bullmastiff) & Bonnie (Chiwawa)

Olive (English Mastiff) & Jessie (Bullmastiff)

Jessie (videoclip)

Neopolitan Mastiffs from the internet