Film of Theatre Production:

Romeo And Juliet Lyceum Theatre Production: 25 scenes
Cast James Annand Gordon Bailey
  Mary Malone Godfrey Tearle

Sound Films directed by Arthur Gilbert (Gaumont Chronophone):

All Coons Look Alike To Me (Parody)
Come My Lad And Be A Soldier
D'ye Ken John Peel
Following In Father's Footsteps
Goodbye Little Sister
Hello Little Girl Hello
I Get Dizzy When I Do That Twostep Dance
Many Is The Time
She's Proud And She's Beautiful
The Keys Of Heaven
Waltz Me Around Again Willie
We Close At Two On Thursday
Zuyder Zee

Film featuring Harry Lauder, directed by Alf Collins:

Harry Lauder In A Hurry

Films directed by Alf Collins:

A Christmas Raffle
A Race For A Rose
A Stitch In Time
Honours Even
Jane Shore
Mechanical Legs
Moving In
Napoleon And The English Sailor
Only A Penny A Box
Put Pa Amongst The Girls
Sweet Liberty
The Burglar's Joke With The Automatic Doll
The Convict And the Dove
The Dancing Girl
The Drunkard's Dream
The Sloshton Quartette
The Woman Who Wasn't
Tommy And The Policeman's Whistle
Washing Day

Films by unnamed director:

Black-Eyed Susan
Lady Letmere's Jewellery
Major Kidson's Police Bloodhounds
Saved From The Sea