Films by directed by George Pearson:

Film For The Empire

Film Sally Bishop
Cast Hugh Croise Peggy Hyland
  Jack Leigh Fred Rains
  Christine Rayner Aurele Sydney
  Marjorie Villis Alice de Winton

Film Sir James Mortimer's Wager
Cast Clarence Derwent Peggy Hyland
  Godfrey Tearle  

Film Ultus And The Grey Lady
Cast Frank Dane Mary Dibley
  M Gouget Jack Leigh
  Aurele Sydney  

Film Ultus And The Secret Of The Night
Cast Lionel d'Aragon Frank Dane
  Mary Dibley Mary Forbes
  J L V Leigh Leonard Shepherd
  Aurele Sydney  

Film by directed by J L V Leigh:

Film He Didn't Want To Do It
Cast Jock Preston