Gainsborough Films:

Film Ashes
Director Frank Birch
Cast Elsa Lanchester M D Lyon
  Herbert Mundin Ernest Thesiger
  Babs Valerie  

Film A Warm Corner
Director Victor Saville
Cast Toni Edgar Bruce Belle Chrystal
  Connie Ediss Leslie Henson
  Austin Melford Kim Peacock
  Heather Thatcher George de Warfaz
  Alfred Wellesley  

Film Journey's End
Director James Whale
Cast Robert Adair Billy Bevan
  Anthony Bushell Colin Clive
  Charles Gerrard Warner Klinger
  David Manners Ian Maclaren
  Jack Pitcairn Tom Whiteley

Film Just For A Song
Director V Gareth Gundrey
Cast Nick Adams Constance Carpenter
  Syd Crossley Lillian Davis
  Dick Henderson Cyril Ritchard
  Roy Royston  

Film Sugar And Spice
Director Alexander Oumansky

Film Symphony In Two Flats
Director V Gareth Gundrey
Cast Maide Andrews Renee Clama
  Ernest A Dagnall Clifford Heatherley
  Benita Hume Jacqueline Logan
  Ivor Novello Minnie Rayner
  Cyril Ritchard Alex Scott-Gatty

Gainsborough Gems:

Musical Songs, Dances, and Comedy Sketches

Film of Billie Barnes
  Dick Henderson
  Elsie Persival And Ray Raymond
  Ena Reiss
  George Mozart In Domestic Trouble
  Hal Swain And His Sax-O-Five
  Lewis Hardcastle's Dusky Syncopaters
  Martini And His Band No. 1
  Martini And His Band No. 2
  Pete Mandell And His Rhythm Masters
  The Blue Boys No. 1
  The Blue Boys No. 2
  The Volga Singers
  The Walsh Brothers