Specification of the 1932 Studio


Height of Building 80 feet
Overall Length 480 feet
Depth 160 feet
Road Frontage 256 feet
Total Area of Site 47,616 sq feet
Number of Production Stages 5
Floor Area of Stages 90,000 sq feet

Size of the Largest Studio:

Length 136 feet
Width 85 feet

Size of Water Tank in the Studio:

Length 48 feet
Width 20 feet
Depth 10 feet
Water Capacity of Tank 270 tons

Dressing Room:

Accommodation for 500 to 600 persons

Fresh Air Supply:

Per Hour 14 tons

Fire Prevention:

3,000 Sprinkler Heads
6 miles of pipes
2 Separate Water Mains

Light and Power:

Generators (weighing 8 tons each) 6
Capacity at normal rating 1,000 kilowatts
Capacity at half-hour rating 1,500 kilowatts
Weight of armoured cable feeding Stage Lighting Switchboard 15 tons
Stage Lighting Central Switch Boards 16
Studio Floor Lighting Units 510

Ordinary Lighting of Building and Offices:

Cables 10 miles
Steel Conduits 2 miles

Laboratories Output Capacity:

Minimum Capacity 2,000,000 feet per week

Other Facilities:

Viewing Theatres 3
Orchestration Theatre I
Cutting Rooms 12
Film Vaults 9
Restaurant 600 seats
Carpenters' Erecting Shop 1
Plasterers' Shop 1
Modelling Department
"Still" Laboratory
Camera Repair Shop
Administrative Offices