All of the Actors and Actresses: O, P, Q and R

The following is a complete list of all the actors and actresses who performed in the films that were released under the Gaumont and Gainsborough banners from 1904 to 1950:

O Pamela Ostrer (Pamela Kellino, Pamela Mason) Cecily Oates
Denis O'Dea Mignon O'Dogherty Charles Oliver
Ethel Oliver Vic Oliver Rex O'Malley
Pat O'Moore Denis O'Neil Nancy O'Neil
Edward O'Neill Liane Ordeyne Brefni O'Rorke
J A O'Rourke Tommy O'Rourke Henry Oscar
Hal Osmond Dave O'Toole Winifred Oughton
Brian Oulton Bill Owen Yvonne Owen

P Norma Page Lili Palmer
Zoe Palmer William Pardue Cecil Parker
Mila Parely Percy Parsons Wally Patch
Pat Paterson Nigel Patrick Graham Payn
Douglas Payne Edmund Payne Kim Peacock
Vera Pearce Nat Pendleton Tarva Penna
Charles Penrose Horace Percival Esme Percy
Leslie Perrins Karen Petersen Henry Peterson
Ruth Peterson D Hay Petrie Frank Pettingell
Gypsy Petulengro John Pertwee Kinsey Piele
Nova Pilbeam Frederick Piper James Pirrie
Jack Pitcairn Joan Pitt-Chatham Hay Plumb
Eddie Pola Ellen Pollock Marcel Poncin
Arthur Poole Olaf Pooley Joey Porter
Eric Portman A G Poulton Mabel Poulton
Bellenden Powell Hartley Power Jock Preston
Dennis Price May Price Nancy Price
William Price Reginald Purdell  

Q Charles Quartermaine Leon Quartermaine

R Basil Radford James Raglan
Jack Raine Claude Rains Fred Rains
George Ralph Louis Ralph Saba Raleigh
Esther Ralston Cecil Ramage Jusef Ramart
Alicia Ramsey J Nelson Ramsay Terry Randall
Boris Ranevsky Basil Rathbone Gerald Rawlinson
Dennis Ray Rene Ray Cyril Raymond
Christine Rayner Albert Raynor Fred Raynham
Albert Rebla Michael Redgrave Maxwell Reed
Joan Rees Ada Reeve Charles Reisner Jr.
Robert Rendel Michael Rennie Ella Retford
Paddy Reynolds Rosa Richards Ralph Richardson
Arnold Riches Wyn Richmond Paul Richter
Edward Rigby Nancy Rigg Walter Rilla
Arthur Risco Cyril Ritchard Sybil Rhoda
Maurice Rhodes Desmond Roberts John H Roberts
Jerrold Robertshaw Paul Robeson George Robey
Flora Robson Charles Rock Patricia Roc
Klein Rogge Guy Rolfe Stewart Rome
Irene Rooke Gabriel Rosca Veronica Rose
Francoise Rosey Milton Rosmer Julian Royce
Gypsey Rhouma Iris Rowe Roy Royston
Patch Ruadh Billy Russell Irene Russell
Nita Russell Margaret Rutherford Edmon Ryan