The Water Tank

In studio No. 4 is situated the water tank 48 feet long, over 18 feet wide and 10 feet deep, formed in reinforced concrete and asphalted, and in the sides are provided porthole lights, from which underwater scenes can be filmed and lighted. Naval scenes are shot using scaled models in the tank, or actors with modelled sections of ships.

I recall seeing the water tank when I visited the studio as a child. It was set up to shoot a naval battle scene, and I remember being impressed how large and detailed the model ships were.

The tank is floored over with removable traps providing access to any part.

The water can be heated in a short time by steam ejectors. The heated water is required for the filming of scenes in which the actors are submersed in the water, such as shipwrecks and swimming, etc.

The Ventilation System & Clear Photography

The all important question of heating and ventilation to studios is through ducts and grilles concealed in the ceiling space and absolutely noiseless in operation.

The ventilation plant installed has a dual purpose. Firstly, the efficient ventilation of the studios, and secondly filtering to produce an atmosphere that is perfectly clear for the photography of films.

The Sprinkler System

All the studios and adjacent offices are protected throughout by a sprinkler installation.