Films directed by Alf Collins:

A Lover's Troubles
A Photographic Episode
A Pleasant Breakfast
A Political Discussion
A Row In ALaundry
A Substantial Ghost
High Life Below Stairs
King Of Coins
Little Nell And Burglar Bill
Mind The Wet Paint
Mind Your Own Business
Murphy's Wake
Nicholas Nickleby
Notice To Quit
Our New Cook
Papa's Bath
Phroso The Mysterious Mechanical Doll
Rip Van Winkle
That Naughty Girl
The Double-Bedded Room
The Effects Of Too Much Scotch
The Inspector's Birthday
The Marvellous Syringe
The Mysterious Mechanical Toy
The Pickpocket
The Runaway Match
The Sleepwalker
The Supportive Navvies
The Rivals
Tommy Atkin's Dream
Two Little Vagabonds
Welshed - A Derby Day Incident

Films directed by Dicky Winslow:

The Servian Tragedy
The Octaroon

Films by unnamed director:

Moses In The Bullrushes
The Good Samaritan