Feature Films:

Film The Eviction
Director Alf Collins
Cast Arthur Carthy Morney Cash
  W Frean Percy Heyes
  Bob King Jim McGrath
  J Tray  

Film The Haunted Houseboat
Director Alf Collins
Cast J Athlick W Coe
  T Costello J Diamond
  T Harding J Harper
  F Mason J Morgan
  A Murton W Smith

Films directed by Alf Collins:

A Day At Brighton
A Smart Capture
All Through The Page Boy
An Affair Of Honour
Artist And Musician
Bed And Breakfast
Behind The Scenes
Bill Bailey's Return
Captured By Highwaymen
Chased By Dogs
Cook's Lovers
Dr Cut'emup
Father's Birthday Party
Fixing The Swing
Future Hackenschmidts
Jack's Rival
Lovers On The Sands
Military Tactics
Mixed Bathing
Mr Mosenstein
My Mother-In-Law
Night Duty
No Room For Father
On Brighton Pier
Rejected By Papa
Stewed Missionary
That Busy Bee
The Amorous Militiaman
The Apple Woman
The Coster's Wedding
The Electric Shock
The Fatal Wig
The Fruits Of Matrimony
The Jealous Wife
The Lost Shuttlecock
The Master's Dilemma
The Office Boy's Revenge
The Sweep
The Tramp's Toilet
Two Deceived Old Maids
When Father Makes A Pudding

Films directed by Harold Hough:

Garrotting A Motor Car
Man The Lifeboat
The Bombardment Of Port Arthur
The Story Of A Colliery Disaster

Films by unnamed director:

A Little Boy Called "Taps"
A Railway Tragedy
Attack On A Russian Outpost
Cruelty To A Horse
Japanese Bravery
The Blacksmith's Daughter
The Silver Tenor