Sound Films directed by Arthur Gilbert (Gaumont Chronophone):

Musical Films Synchronised To A Gramophone Record
The Coster's Serenade
Let Me Like A Soldier Fall
Ticklish Reuben
The Whistling Coon
The Fireman's Song
The Waltz Must Change To A March
Home To Our Mountains
The Lord High Executioner
Tit Willow
Three Little Maids From School
Here's A How-D'ye-Do
Wert Thou Not To Koko Plighted
The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
Animal Imitations
We All Walked Into The Shop
They Can't Diddle Me
Chorus, Gentlemen
The Heart Bowed Down
Little Nell
You'll Remember Me
Onward, Christian Soldiers
Captain Of The Pinafore
Swing Song From "Veronique"
Ave Maria
Strolling Home With Angelina
The Love Song
There Is A Green Hill Far Away
Goodbye Sweet Marie
Serenade From "Faust"
In Montezuma From "The Belle Of Mayfair"
Lakme: Les Stances

Films directed by Alf Collins:

A Lodging House Comedy
A Sailor's Courtship
All's Well That Ends Well
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
Dinner Hour
Dolly Varden
Her Morning Dip
Hot Pie
In Our Alley
It's A Have
Jam Now In Season
Jane On The Warpath
Lost. A Leg Of Mutton
My Wife's A Teetotaler
Nosey Parker
Not Detained At The Office
Rescued By Lifeboat
Saved By A Pillar Box
The Catch Of The Season
The Convict's Daughter
The Four Hooligans
The Henpecked Husband
The Missing Legacy
The Postman's Christmas Box
The Puzzle Maniac
The Two Orphans
The Two Tomboys
The Undergraduates
This Side Up
Uncle George's Trip To London
Wanted - A Husband
When Cripples Meet
Willie And Tim Get A Surprise

Film directed by Harold Hough:

The Dentist's Revenge

Films by unnamed director:

Pongo The Man Monkey
Workhouse Granny