Sound Film (Gaumont Chronophone):

A Musical Film Synchronised To A Gramophone Record
Film Dreamy Eyes
Director Arthur Gilbert

Films directed by Alf Collins:

A Day With The Fresh Air Fiend
A False Alarm
A Macaroni Feast
A Motorbike Adventure
A Motor Masquerade
A Raid On A Canteen
An Artful Dodge
As Sparrows See
Auntie's Cycling Lesson
Darling Puggy
Eyes Right
Father In The Kitchen
Father Makes Love To The Pump
Grandpa And The Butterfly
Greedy Billy
How Brown Brought Home The Goose
How The Poor Help The Poor
Jack's Return
Married Bliss
Mixed Bathing At Home
Nobbler's Card Party
Pussy's Breakfast
Robbery With Violence
Santa Claus' Mistake
Stump Speech
That Awful Baby
The Alien Question
The Awkward Horseman
The Blind Man's Child
The Bobby's Nightmare
The Burglar
The Burglar Lover
The Coster's Christening
The Electric Goose
The Gardener's Nap
The Gentleman Beggar
The Gypsy Fortune Teller
The Henpecked Hindoo
The Milkmaid
The Motor Competition
The New Woman
The Peashooter
The Record Sneeze
The Scent Spray
The Tale Of A Coat
The Terror Of The House
The Three Tramps
The Unlucky Umbrella
The Ups And Downs Of Murphy
The Young Ladies' Dormitory
Tommy's Experiments In Photography
W. Weary And T. Tired
When Extremes Meet
Who's That A-Calling
Why The Lodger Left
Wig And Buttons

Films by unnamed director:

A Character Retrieved
The Roof Garden